Chicken Pox

Fact Sheet Fact Sheet

The Developer

Nosy Jones is an indie games studio based in Sydney founded by Andrew Daniel in 2013, later joined by Han Jie. We're both game lovers and our vision for Nosy Jones was to bring together amazing contributors from all over the world to join in a collaborative effort of making unique, fun games with a focus on quality over quantity.

The result is our first title, Chicken Pox. It represents the collaborative effort of talented contributors from over 12 countries including France, Germany, Ukraine, Czech Republic, South Africa, America, England, Brazil, Sweden, New Zealand, Argentina and of course Australia. It was and continues to be such an amazing journey of team work across borders and cultures, which is for us a truly rewarding experience in itself.

We've been working on Chicken Pox for 5 years now, loving every day of the process, enjoying the reactions of people who've played it and getting very excited about launching it as we near our market release. We have a lot planned for Chicken Pox in the future and we truly hope you enjoy playing it as much as we've enjoyed the process of making it.

Andrew & Han

The Game

Release Date: Q4, 2018
Platforms: Android/iOS
Price: Free to play
Development Period: 5 years
App Store Link: Apple App Store

Welcome to the world of Chicken Pox! Help Pox collect the eggs in this addictive game filled with cute characters, mini-games and hours of egg collecting fun! Dodge past crazy sheep, weave through herds of cows and time your run perfectly through closing gates to make it to the finish line - can you collect all the eggs before the time runs out?

* DRIVE and fly awesome vehicles, all with their own unique trails!
* PLAY fast paced mini-games that test your skill and reflexes!
* DRAW cool pictures by collecting the eggs in order! Each level reveals a new picture! No two are the same!
* FIND all the hidden blue eggs in each level for bonus rewards!
* UNLOCK levels in Chicken Pox’s stunning 3D environments such as the Farm, Ocean and Airport!
* COMPETE against your friends for the highest score and beat them on leaderboards!
* CUSTOMIZE Pox and the eggs by mixing and matching hats, glasses and masks in hundreds of cool and funny combinations!
* NEW content added regularly!

Chicken Pox is free to play! Pre-order now!

Features Features

  • Feature Finish levels before your fuel runs out
  • Feature Dodge crazy obstacles
  • Feature Drive, fly and pilot dozens of awesome vehicles, all with their own unique trails
  • Feature Play on land, sea or air
  • Feature Play fun mini-games
  • Feature Customise Pox and the eggs with hundreds of combinations
  • Feature Collect the eggs in order to draw cool pictures
  • Feature Find hidden blue eggs in each level
  • Feature Compete against your friends
  • Feature Use awesome powerups
    (coming soon)
  • Feature Complete daily quests for rewards
  • Feature Multilingual support
  • Feature List Feature List

    What's in the box...

    + Fun, addictive, fast paced gameplay
    + Dodge and weave past crazy obstacles
    + Play a variety of mini-games
    + Complete on social leaderboards
    + Collect the eggs in order to draw cool pictures
    + Customise characters with hundreds of combinations
    + Share customised characters and pictures with friends
    + Dozens of awesome vehicles to choose from, each with their own unique trail
    + Play on land, sea and in the air
    + Stunning 3D environments
    + Find blue eggs for added bonuses
    + Complete daily quests for rewards
    + Claim daily gifts
    + Awesome powerups feature (coming soon)
    + Multilingual support (coming soon)
    + Send gifts to friends (coming soon)
    + Play for free with no pay walls

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